A makeup also referred to as a cosmetic is a care substance applied to the human body to enhance the odor or appearance without necessarily altering its functions or structure. They include: lipsticks, lotions, hair colors, hand sanitizer, bath oils, bath salts, facial and eye makeup, perfumes, skin-care creams, deodorants, colored contact lenses and so many other kinds of products. Popular brands offer advanced makeup collections approved by celebrities. For example, Urban Decay makeup palette that is about to be released is recommended by Gwen Stefani.

Sometimes makeup is an intimidating topic to tackle especially when it comes to men out there. But when it comes to actress or actors on stage, the movie screen or TV, cosmetic is a real part of their day to day costumes. With makeup on, it helps these people become their character. Makeup makes them look good under stage lights and on camera. It is not a must that every costume to require makeup. If you wear something like a mask, a deep hood or a fur suit that covers your face, makeup might not be necessary. The following are some of the instances that you are required to have your makeup on in order it to go hand in hand with your cosplay.

1909_Victor_Flash_Lamp1. In case there is a camera in the vicinity

There are some places that are unpleasant when taking photos: camera flash, fluorescent lights etc. Camera flash is likely to wash out your skin, wipe out some facial features and flatten your face making you unrecognizable. Flash photos can make you look bad even if you look fine in real life. These are some of the issues or instances that makeup can be of help.



Temari_cosplay2. If you are not cosplaying yourself

In many cases, we find ourselves cosplaying characters that are of different ethnicity, age, or sex from ourselves. For you to have similar features as those of your cosplay, you need to make some changes in your appearance.




sona_cosplay__league_of_legends__by_thesweetamy-d796zty3. if your costume is not a usual street wear

Wearing something that is not normal to your clothing is one of the things that require some makeup due to the fact that they will wash out your face.




A 10035574. In case you are wearing a wig

If you wear a wig as your costume, it is most probably that it does not look exactly like your real hair. To avoid a clash with your normal skin, color correlation might be a good thing to match your wig.